Flanders Foal Auction at Sentower Park in Opglabbeek (Belgium)

Starts at:
July 4, 2020
8:00 PM CEST
Ends at:
July 4, 2020
11:00 PM CEST
Elmacho DW Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Elmacho DW Z

°21 – 04-2020 — Bay — Colt — VAT: YES Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Nonstop Out of Cassini’s full sister
Electric Kick Axelhoeve Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Electric Kick Axelhoeve Z

°01/05/20 — Black — Colt — VAT:YES Emerald x Quintero ASK He’s got the looks!
Bertram Z galop
Starting from €5

Bertram Z

°15/04/20 — Bay — Colt — VAT: NO Balou de Reventon x E‑Star Out of Larthago’s daughter
Clever van Overis Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Clever van Overis Z

°035/20 — Bay (mbg) — colt — VAT: YES Cornet Obolensky x Darco Scope for the games!
Ur My Girl EH galop
Starting from €5,000

Ur My Girl EH

°27/04/20 — chestnut — filly — VAT: YES Emerald x Kannan Mom did it all herself!
Bon Vivant AEG Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Bon Vivant AEG Z

°29/04/20 — Bay — Colt — VAT: YES Balou de Reventon x Numero Uno This is modern breeding!
Perfect galop
Starting from €5,000


°03/04/20 — Grey — Colt — VAT: NO Berlin x Heartbreaker Full brother to H&M Extra
Ulaysa van het Audgoed galop
Starting from €5,000

Ulaysa van het Audgoed

°18/04/20 — Bay — Filly — VAT: NO Diamant de Semilly x Indoctro A real diamond!
Contharga vd Berghoeve Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Contharga vd Berghoeve Z

°05/04/20 — Chestnut — Filly — VAT:YES Conthargos x Diamant de Semilly Granddam travelled the world!
Curaçao Blue galop
Starting from €5,000

Curaçao Blue Picobello A&T Z

°24/04/20 — Dark Chestnut — Colt — VAT: NO Chacco Blue x Ugano Sitte Handsome Chacco colt!
Chocolate LVP Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Chocolate LVP Z

°12/04/20 — Bay — Filly — VAT: YES Cornet Obolensky x Cassiano Holstein at his best!
Unbreakable vd Fruitkorf galop
Starting from €5,000

Unbreakable vd Fruitkorf

°30/04/20 — Bay — Filly — VAT: YES Emerald x Indoctro Halfsister to Jewel 8 (Eric Lamaze)
Juan DW Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Don Juan DW Z

°28/04/20 — Bay — Colt — VAT: YES Diamant de Semilly x Calvaro Z Diamant at his best!
Bonzai AEG Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Bonzai AEG Z

°20/04/20 — Chestnut — Colt — VAT: YES Baloubet du Rouet x Vigo d’Arsouilles
VIP van Overis Z galop
Starting from €5,000

VIP van Overis Z

°25/04/20 — Bay — Colt — VAT: YES Vingino x Pablo van Berkenbroeck My mom was a speed queen!
Carolien Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Carolien Z

°05/04/20 — Bay — Filly — VAT: NO Comme Il Faut x Harley VDL I’m an athlete!
Chica van Schuttershof Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Chica van Schuttershof Z

°24/04/20 — Chestnut — Filly — VAT: YES Catoki x Kashmir van Schutterhof Best investment ever!
Conthargos vd Eijkhof Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Conthargos vd Eijkhof Z

°03/04/20 — Bay — Colt — VAT: YES Conthargos x For Pleasure Back to For Pleasure’s line
Chaclotte Style VK Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Chaclott Style VK Z

°03/03/20 — Grey — Stallion — VAT: YES Chacco Blue x Calvino Z Chacco power!
Champion by Nature Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Champion by Nature Z

°24/03/2020 — Bay — Colt — VAT: NO Comme Il Faut x Vigo d’Arsouilles Where are the approvals?!
Cobra PB Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Cobra PB Z

°15/01/20 — Bay — Filly — VAT: NO Cornet Obolensky x Baloubet du Rouet A filly for the future!
Delicat Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Delicat Z

°15/02/20 — Black — Filly — VAT: YES Darco x Freeman VDL Everyone needs a Darco” filly!
Tintin van Nieuwendale Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Tintin van Nieuwendale Z

°07/03/20 — Chestnut — Colt — VAT: YES Tangelo x Darco Killer Queen, Japatero, Kontador, .…
Café vd Berghoeve Z galop
Starting from €5,000

Café vd Berghoeve Z

°08/03/20 — Bay — Filly — VAT: YES Comme Il Faut x Carthago Z Modern filly, strong line!