Getting started: bidding at online horse auctions

Want to start bidding at horse auctions? Great! First, you need to register as an online bidder. There are two ways to create a bidding account, illustrated below. Once your account has been verified, you can participate in online horse auctions. 

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Create a bidding account

Want to create an account to participate in an online horse auction? Follow these steps to get started:

Important: registering as an online bidder can be done quickly, yet sometimes it can take up to two days to verify your account. Make sure you have been verified before you start bidding at online horse auctions.

Create a bidding account with a specific auction house

Would you like to place a bid on a specific horse that is offered by one of our partners? Then you need to register on this specific partner’s website and participate in auctions they organise.
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Important: with an account like that, you can only participate in auctions organised by this specific partner. If you want to participate in auctions by other partners, you will need to register with them as well.

These are the steps to take to register with a specific partner: 

Step 1: Determine which auction(s) you want to participate in by finding the horse(s) you would like to purchase. On our website auctions​.ClipMyHorse​.TV you can find an overview of all online auctions that are coming up. You can have a look at horses currently for sale by clicking on the auctions you’re interested in. 

Would you like to know more about a horse or an auction house? Click on more details’ and we will forward you to the partner’s website. 

Step 2: Register to start bidding. When you’ve found a horse that you’d like to purchase in one of the auctions, click on the register’-button in the top right corner. We will then redirect you to the secure registration page of this specific auction house. Enter your personal information and click on the register now” button. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

Step 3: After registration, your account needs to be verified by the auction site’s management. Once your account has been verified, you will receive an email to help you create a username and password.

Bidding on horses

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Step 1: Log in on the day of the auction. Find the auction you want to participate in on auctions​.ClipMyHorse​.TV and check the details about the horse(s) you’d like to buy. Along with those details, there will be a sign in’ button, which will redirect you to the auction partner’s page to start bidding. The bidding screen clearly outlines what time the auction takes place. You can also sign in using the button in the top right corner on your screen. Enter your email address and password. This will automatically take you to the bidding system.

Important: if you’re registered with a specific partner, you need to log in on the same partner page to participate in an auction. 

Step 2: Activate the bidding button. Before you can place a bid, you need to activate the bidding button. Click on the lock on the bid’ button to unlock it. Unlocking the bidding button has been implemented to protect buyers from accidentally placing a bid. Once you’ve unlocked the button, you can place your bid(s).

Step 3: Place your bid(s). The button always shows the latest (highest) bid. When you participate in an auction online, you can view the auctioneer live and see offers from both bidders at the venue and online participants coming in. 

It’s also possible to participate in timed auctions. This means you can place your bids for a horse within a certain time frame. The bidder with the highest offer after the time frame has passed, is the winning buyer. 

Step 4: After making an offer, the screen will show whether your offer has been accepted. If you are the highest bidder, you will receive a confirmation email from the auction house. They will explain how you can complete your offer and how to pay.

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If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@​clipmyhorse.​tv. We are happy to help!