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With online horse auctions it’s possible to reach the right audiences for auction lots, all over the world. And with high quality broadcasts and live streaming without any delays (in which over 10.000 potential buyers can participate), online auctions are here to stay. How do you make it happen?


Clipmyhorse​.tv offers you an easy solution that combines the best of both worlds:

  1. using an easy online auction platform with real time streaming and bidding; 
  2. and reaching your target audience.

Benefits of online horse auctions

There are multiple benefits to organising online auctions with auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv. Let’s explain. 

. Embryo by Chacco Blue x Harley VDL

Easy to set up

Auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv has been designed to make setting up an auction as easy as possible. You can start with just a single camera in your stable, and open the auction. We provide every auction house, breeder and horse farmer with the tools to organise an online auction and reach relevant audiences. 

Different auction models for your specific needs

As every auction is different, auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv offers a variety of auction models:
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  1. Live auction from the venue or from your own stable
    Online bidders can bid real-time, together with bidders who are present at the venue. Thanks to the easy system, the auctioneer has full control over the auction and will not require an assistant.
  2. Pre-bidding options
    It is possible for bidders to place their offers before the live auction starts. This means you can start to market your auction in advance and bidders who are unable to attend real-time (online or offline), can still participate in the auction. 
  3. Timed auctions
    Do you prefer not to go through the hassle of a live auction? Or are your auction lots more suitable for online only (like embryo’s)? Then you can organise a timed auction. Clipmyhorse​.tv offers all the tools you would expect, such as multiple bidding steps, and a notification sent to the previous bidder then their offer has been outbid. 

Auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv generates a bigger reach

Reaching your audience is essential when it comes to online auctions. The bigger the reach, the better your auctions. And reach is exactly what auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv focuses on. Clipmyhorse​.tv has years of experience attracting and targeting horse enthusiasts, by implementing various marketing activities. Organise your online auction with auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv and you will reach them. 

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Using your own branding 

Logically, organising (online) auctions is crucial to grow your brand awareness. That is why auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv set up a multi-tenant auction platform. This means that your auction will have your own look and feel. Your logo appears on the auction page, so bidders are aware they are bidding in your auction. This means you have the possibility to show your unique values, create an engaged audience and attract new potential buyers.

Transparent business model 

Clipmyhorse​.tv works with a transparent business model. After our start-up costs, a fee is only charged per horse that is sold through our platform. Did you get the winning bid from an online buyer? Then a selling fee will be charged. Did you sell the horse in a different way? Then there’s no fee. It’s as simple as that.

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Benefits of Clipmyhorse

To summarise, these are the benefits. Auctions​.clipmyhorse​.tv enables you to: 
  • Set up an online auction without any hassle 
  • Choose the auction model suitable for your auction lots 
  • Reach a large bidding audience in your target market 
  • Implement your own branding in every auction you organise 

Needless to say, there are more benefits of using Clipmyhorse​.tv. And we’d be happy to tell you all about them. Please leave your contact details below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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